Majoring in Biology?

do you guys recommend majoring in Biology? or biology and society? whatever they call it.

What kind of job will a Biology Degree get me?

whats the most amount of money I can make? whats the average?

Almost all my friends who majored in Bio either went to med school or grad school.

the sciences generally require you to do grad school if you want to work in them.

Bio isnt easy either so you should have a lot of interest in it if you want to go that route.

My fiancee has a bio b.s. and is doing her masters in natural resources management, then she'll start off at 35k for the dept. of natural resources probably.

Like everyone said, bio is only good if you're headed for professional or graduate school.

Bio and society is beyond useless, less employable than even biology and you will be looked down on by actual scientists.

Try marine biology instead.