Make me an offer for a SN bet

30 days, blue/green names with over 2500 posts only.

Here's my picks for the most interesting fights I'm willing to bet on for UFC 92 and K1 Dynamite!!

Nog def Mir

Forrest def Rashad

Wand def Rampage

Okami def Lister

Kongo def Al Turk

Hari def Overeem

Schilt def Mighty Mo

Nakamura def Tokoro

Choi def Mirko

Aoki def Alvarez

LeBanner def Hunt

JZ def Hansen

Make me an offer.  I'll decide which one to accept by which UGer I want to embarass most.  I'm currently on a three SN bet win streak and the last guy ended up as childmolesnar. :-)

Deadline is at 5:00pm eastern time (4 hours from now).

I'd take Rampage over Wand, but I 'm rooting for Wand and never bet against the people I root for.Also I'm a mud namer.... with less than 2500 posts.TTT anyways.


 To bad all my pics mirror yours.

 Yup. :-)

ITweakRashad'sNip or ITweakRashad'sNips?

I kept thiagosgirl for more than six months, and I was on another lost sn bet before that.  Don't even remember what my original name was.  I won't be keeping this one for six months, lol.


 Message has been sent to Kirik.

Sometimes takes a couple days, so don't think I'm welching. :-)