Make me feel better for losing 400$ at the Casino

Hi. How can I calm you down? I can only say one thing that I also lost large sums of money in the casino, but then won. Sometimes I won’t win immediately, after a couple of weeks, but it was always more than I lost. Guys, have you heard something about SEO optimization for casinos? It turns out that casinos spend from 50 thousand dollars a month to optimize their service for search engines.

that’s it?

You lost what you could afford to gamble, no shame there.

Sell some more cars and spend your money before you die.

Haven’t been able to go to Vegas for 18 months. Once lost 500 in about 20 minutes at blackjack, even the dealer couldn’t believe how I was getting no cards…

That’s crazy OP. I have 6m in the bank, also no wife or kids. Just a gf and a couple of side chicks I sometimes have 3somes with. Anyways, can you believe I lost $3 on a scratcher the other day??? I bought it while I was filling up my Lamborghini at a gas station near my summer house is Calabasas. Sometimes we just have bad luck unfortunately. Keep your head up OP.

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I love playing slots but I never risk big sums. Actually, I have a very strict rule regarding gambling – I never deposit more than I can lose. You can never know what will be the outcome of the next game. I sometimes play on But I play for small sums, so I do not worry much when I lose my bet. So it works for me ok.

It is a good thing you lost, you won’t want to go back again.

Good for you

Aren’t you a troll? If so, good. I hope you lose more.

I bet small amounts every weekend on sports betting and every time I lose it hurts bad.