Make Money with me on stocks 2020

45 percent now, last sale was at .03 premarket

My biggest winners NIO and PLUG became my biggest losers.

That’s the Reason why I like ETFs more than stock picking, crapshoot. I plan to rotate my NIO and PLUG holdings into FNGU.

Ughhhh phoenix rising… what now?

Lol I gave up on that. I’ll check it in a year. Hodling.

I bought put options on Peloton yesterday.

It’s a company that makes expensive exercise bikes… and it’s valued at $35 billion.

This just has to go my way. Until it doesn’t. Lkl

I made about 5k on options Mon-Wed and handed it all back on Thursday/Friday.

Long term portfolio is great fortunately - god damn options are the most rewarding/infuriating trades.