"Makes Rocky V look like a Woman's Institute....."

"Makes Rocky V look like a Woman's Institute cheese and wine party."

-Daily Express

Now that's the kind of movie I can get behind! Great marketing quote Kickboxer 2 executives!

Well then...you'll be happy to know that they are not done with this franchise....


What? Phone Post 3.0

So what is the story? It says Tong Po killed the main characters brother? I don't recall this in kickboxer 1? Phone Post 3.0

Then in kickboxer 4 Tong-po becomes a Drug lord and gets Sloan put in jail but gets let out to help stop him and, him after he learns his wife is kidnapped by Tong-Po and the only way to get him to his by entering an underground martial arts tournament held in Mexico where the winner gets to fight Tong-Po. I am not making this up. Dont get me started on Kickboxer 5.