Making a Fist

Hi Roy, I asked this question some time ago, but just afterward this forum
went down and many threads were lost and I had not yet saved your
answer. I do remember you remarking that you had never been asked that
question before.

I was wondering if you could tell me 'how to make a fist'?

More specifically, are there any important details to aligning the fingers to
prevent damage to the hand when striking, or things we should keep in
mind when striking an object with our fist? Thanks.

First put your thumb in your fist. Then, start your punch by pulling your fist backwards and behind your shoulder as you lean backwards with your back. Your forearm should be vertical and your wrist bent so that your knuckles point at the target. Tense your muscles just before throwing your punch in order to gain an almost superhuman strength. When you punch, make sure you keep your hips as still as possible. Hip rotation is bad form, says my instructor.

Hope this helps.

WOW! I learned so many new things from Jonpall's post!!!!




You asked, "how to make a fist"? Well, from my perspective, a fist is not
that much different than a gi grab. Here's how I recommend you start:

  1. Bring the pads of each of your four fingers close to the top of the

  2. Drive the tips of your fingers, as well your fingernails, into the palm
    of your hand (top of the padded area of your thumb and pinky).
    Continue driving the pads of your fingers into the top of your hand.

  3. Squeeze your fingers inward towards each other, as well as towards
    the center of your hand.

  4. Drive the base of your thumb (the fleshy part) into the fingernails of
    your index and middle finger.

  5. Curl your thumb inward and squeeze it into the center of your hand
    thru your index finger.

  6. Finish by squeezing your thumbs towards your pinky and making
    your wrist tight.

Give this a try.

Roy Harris

thanks roy!