Making A Good Recording With...

Crappy Gear?

I have to do a couple of new demos and since I am strapped for cash I have to use what I`ve got. Which is:

Old Tascam 424 Cassette 4-track, stereo EQ, Lexicon Effect Proccessor, PC with LOTS of audio S/W..

Will I get the best sound by recording dry to the 4-track, then editing/mastering to the PC, or should I record a little "wet" with EQ and slight reverb, then master to the PC?

Also one of the demos I`m making has a soprano sax player.. That thing is loud as hell and WILL bleed through the vocals.. Should I stick her in another room since they want to do it live, put a blanket over the damm thing, or just try and keep it off the vocals the best I can?

My advice would be to record to the 4 track first tyring to get as close as possible to the tone you want, adding reverb and eq straight to the track while your recording. When you have it sounding as good as you can then master it on the pc and do any tweaking you need.

For the sax player, probably the easist way is to put her in a seperate room with a pair of headphones . If she has to be in the same room, move her as far away from the rest of the band as you can and try to put up some baffle between your mike and hers.

My two cents.

Hey, on  a side note if you have soundforge there is a decent plug in called 'wavehammer' that will get you really close to where you want to be.

Thanks! I managed to get 6 of their songs down last night and it actually went well. Helps when the group is ultra tight..

Today I have to master it all down..

Hell with a super tight band you could get away with one mike, like the old days!

How did you end up recording it, dry or wet?

I suggested wet because with a group of musicians and a 4-track live off the floor there isn't too much room for trying to fix the sound of the individual instruments afterwords, get it down right the first time in other words.

Post some clips if you can.


I recorded it dry and as loud as I could. Then I made sure the levels were good and mastered it with sound forge (which worked great). I also added just a little EQ and reverb on some tunes. They do Trad jazz/Hokum kind of stuff so it doesn`t need much...

I`ll try and make some clips, but I don`t have anywhere to UL them to anymore..

Today I`m working on a demo for me..

Hillbilly, you can try to upload your music.

Try the soundground site as well.