Making an Acoustic Guitar Heard

I think I have tried every soundhole pickup microphone placement, internal mike, and piezo pickup there are and am finally pretty pleased with my tone on stage. For me I use a blend of a fishman piezo(with a pre-amp), and a fishman earthone magnetic (through a eq for a preamp),each ran seperately to a stereo graphic eq, then both channels ran to a stereo processor (little bit of `verb) then ran stereo to the board plugging each one into a seperate channel .

For get in and out gigs I`ll just use the magnetic into a DI,straight into the board with just the house verb.

Hillbilly, you just described the same basic set-up I would recommend.

The Fishman Matrix and magnetic pick-ups do a great job of "filling in" for each others weaknesses.

no problems for me! acoustic electric Ovation Celeb Deluxe w/ Adonis soundholes!mine is similar but the brightness.

Those are great guitars and I actually have an old ballader, but they just aren`t right for the tone I like. I`m more of a natural warmth gibson type guy. I like the deep tone of old wood, but the problem is recreating that killer old-guitar tone through amplification.

tone - they are distinctive. certainly. I had the same problem and decided to look for a acoustic/elec model. walked away with this one.

Uh, Adamas soundholes BiC. So named for the Graphite/birch laminate topped Adamas model Ovation guitar.


The problem that I have with soundhole pick-ups is that they only "hear" the strings. Under-the -saddle piezo type pick-ups sense vibration and in the case of the Fishman Matrix they sense top and bottom so they are influenced by both string to saddle vibrations and top of the guitar tone. Add a mic, either internal or outside to capture the "air" sound and you can get a pretty damn good interpretation of your acoustic sound amplified or recorded.

I also hate being at the mercy of the sound man and like to be able to control my sound onstage. Most soundmen dont have a clue when it comes to acoustic instruments.

Ya gotta lay down the LAW with sound men when it comes to the acoustic thing, Hillbilly.

If you have an EQ with a notch filter that can squash feedback, or better yet a Sabine feedback eliminator you CAN convince many soundmen at clubs that you have it under control. However, there are a lot of guys running the board that have that as their only power in life and they cling to it like a leech.

The secret is to get your mix with your preamp volume down just a bit. ;)

"The secret is to get your mix with your preamp volume down just a bit. ;)"

lol.. I learned that trick the hard way..

put a resonator in it --

LOL - for the dobro players in here

Resonator doesnt help much in a noisy bar or a packed festival.. Had a 1931 National and several dobros but they were even a bigger bitch to get a good tone on stage..

My 6 string banjo is way louder than any cone guitar I`ve ever heard.

true dat

Have you tried the SWR strawberry Blonde amps? also higlander pickups get rave reviews href="" click here /a>

Does Gibson still make that "Chet Atkins" solid-body? I know it's not an acoustic, literally, but it sounds (through an amp) as good as any classical I've ever heard through a pickup. Easy to set up, too.