Making bets on the UG

Anyone bet money on a fight with other UG members? How were the payments made by the loser? Any other information would be appreciated.

isn't techinal illegal to bet? taxes?

You can always report your winnings to the IRS. As far as the legality, I don't know.


If I lose I would honor the bet.

I just won a t-shirt from the last event on a fight from betting on the UG.

TTT for more comments on UG betting.

I bet a guy a few times and it worked out well
(except that I was the one paying most of the time)

mcquaid ,

How'd you make your payments? I assume check in the mail.

I have made 2 gentlemen agreements, paid up when I lost and got my check when I won

gambling is not illegal in WA unless there is a vig. Poker at home is legal so is betting anonymous people online.

The only one to welch with me was Chad Mason (CMason) when I bet him $100 that Din Thomas would beat Jens Pulver. And yes, he did pull the old checks in the mail routine for several months.

People who have honored their bets in no particular order are:

dnwsr, Daren, BZLJJ, donnybrook

Thanks for all the replies. I'm thinking of making some bets for the next UFC.

I bet subwhite belt 100 vs 20 on Hughes-Penn and gladly paid him.

He wanted to use pay pal but I just sent him a check. This means I don't have to use pay pal to lose future best to UG members -- subwhitebelt will vouch for me ;).

Ive made a few bets on here. I bet Scooby that chuck would lose to Babalu. I lost so I had to chance my screen name to 2cute2bstr8 for a whole month. I also beat a mohawk with one of white joes friends. Same fight. So not only did I have to be 2cute2bstr8 I had to be him with a mohawk. I took pics and posted it.

I also lost 100 bucks to soul jacker for betting the lakers would take it all last year. They lost and so did I. I sent him a 100 dollar money order. No problems there.

The only bet that I won was agaist gumby. I bet him cro cop would beat igor. I won and he gave me a few DVDS the next time I saw him.

See, we're all good friends here....

Lost $25 to jackjohnson on the Tank/Mir fight, but it was for a good cause. Lost another $100 to jack on the Mino/Fedor fight. That wasn't for a good cause other than lightening my wallet. I paid both bets and that was the only two bets I've ever made on the UG. 0-2 whoooohoooooo!

Im probly the biggest better here .Out of about 25 UG bets only 2x was I not paid One was by KWJ who refuses to admit rooftop was fake and ya I still aint got the tape another guy said we didnt bet ( we did ) By the way this is Daren with a new screen name and Im up for bets for next UFC

I got paid all 3 times. Last one was with Stringerbell. Got my check the next week.

I have sent checks and cash. And for the record,
Winston Wolf aka Daren is a good guy to bet with.