Making Black & Tan @ Home

When I'm out my beer drink of choice is a Black and Tan (Guiness and Bass), but I've never been able to make them at home. I've tried both cans and bottles of Guiness, but it always seems to mix.

I've tried using a spoon, which helps, but I usually just get the seperation at about the bottom inch of the glass. Any of you beer experts know some secrets?

never made one actually, don't care for em. Try a half and half if you're up for something different- Guinness and Harp.

dark home brews are very tasty and are more forgiving then the pale lagers or ales

My buddy has the same problem

could someone explain to me what a dark and tan is? I am really clueless here.

okay, what the hell is he spoon for?

Ok, I tried it again last night, with a little more success. Instead of a pint glaa I used a big mug that would hold 2 full beers.

I poured in the bass, and then I poured the guiness sloooooooooowly over a small spoon. I found that the best results came from keeping the spoon in the middle as opposed to near the sides of the glass.