making heavy bag

i know this has been discussed before, but i couldn't find the thread dealin with it. i remember reading someone suggest filling a duffel bag with sand and styrofoam peanuts... anyone tried this? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would use rags, towels, stuff like that. Not too bad on the hands, won't settle too much, and can be filled as heavy or as light as you want. Good luck.

joey, thanks, that's what i was figuring to do. the
peanuts and sand idea was intriguing tho and i had
access to bagloads of peanuts in our office. now that
it's all gone tho i'll probably just use old clothes
and what-not.

I find the best way is to fill the bag with old clothes and individual packets of sand so that it doesnt settle to the bottom and then become hard as a rock when you try to low kick. you can use big freezer bags or small garbage bags and then space them in the bag with the clothes. hope this helps.

Try shreaded rubber from a tire retreading shop. I made one using this and it worked great. And pretty fucking cheap to.