Making my dog as a cartoon (Flash)

I think I'm going to do a Flash cartoon about my dog to learn how to use Flash better. It's kind of a bitch getting used to. Here's an early look at the dog.

*updated below*


what did you use to make it?

Ummm. I used Flash like I said in the first post.

Well the only thing I used Photoshop for was the background. I drew my dog and scanned it in then used flash to trace on top of my drawing and add color.

I made a movie clip for her head turn and for each blinking eye. I added a key frame where I wanted the sound file to go in the blinking eye movie clips. There's a place to load a sound file on the properties tool bar. You can select the sound and then add your parameters.

I started this wanting to a make a whole little cartoon but I never got much further than what's posted above. I should get back to making the cartoon.

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Ummm. I used Flash like I said in the first post.

The latest version, Flash MX 2004 v7.2 I believe.

thank you

I like that it's in stereo!