Making pullup bar and dip station?

What is the ideal height (and overall measurements) for a pull up station and the ideal width (and overall measurements) for a dip station?

I have a pull up/dip station at home, but the damn thing is too short. I don't feel like I'm getting much out of a bar the I can reach on my feet without even locking my elbows out. I notice that the military often uses bars that require a jump or have step ups that get you up to the bar. Has anyone here created a pull up and/or dip station that they were happy with?


If you really want to challenge your pullup and dip ability, you need to check out Power Rings (click HERE)I got them last week and they have been kicking my ass hard! Train hard, SCRAPP.S. How's the Mod. 1 coming?

I was looking at those rings the other day and I was trying to figure out what they're suspended on. If they need a bar to be hung from, it kind of defeats the purpose if you're indoors (unless you have a gymnasium ceiling). Of course if you're outside you can find a tree limb.....


Those things seem pretty cool, but I'd really just like to make a sturdy pull up and dip station with the right specs. I got Mod1 about a week ago and I went out of town the next day. I look forward to starting it up after X-Mas.

I have used shelf braces and closet rod braces
from a hardware store along with pipe to make
them in the past. I also used them to support a
fence post suspended between two trees to make
a pullup bar. For me the best height seemed to be
what I could reach with my fingertips when I was
standing on my tiptoes. I usually did dips between
the backs of two chairs. I have never seen the
rings that Scrapper mentioned but did work out on
some that were installed in a circuit course a few
times. I really believe that the rings will not only
give you a better workout but will also help prevent
you from injuring your joints. When I ever get
around to building a bar again I will definitely try
those rings.



Can I hang the rings from a pull up bar? If I can, I am definetly getting the rings.

Why don't you just bend your knees when you're approaching the bottom of the chin-up? That's what I've been doing and it's been working out fine for me.

I find it distracting and it tends to hurt my form.

You can hang those rings anywhere that will support your weight. Tyler Hass has some pretty kickass exercise ideas and I've been using the rings with all of my personal training clients as well as the fighters I'm working with.

I've got Clubbells, Power Rings, Tornado Balls, and Indo Board, and a sledge hammer from Home Depot with a fiberglass handle in my office at the gym. My clients love the variety in training ideas and tools.