Making the most

Are you doing all in life that you think you could or would hope to do? If not, what is it that is stopping you?

No, I'm not.

Time. My children take up an enormous amount of time (to really participate in their lives the way I believe I should) and my job. Oh and this forum! ;-)

What do you feel you would like to do, if you had more time?

nap! train, bible studies, prayer meetings and watch movies! Not real exciting...oh and reading. I used to read a lot of books.

I feel held down. One by my mismanagement of time and self doubt to be able to acheive the two things in live I most desire.

I would love to be involved in humanitarian work that put its money where its mouth was. making the world a better place. That requires time and money, neither of which I have. But now that Im a hollywood actor, perhaps I can join the Film Actors Guild and seek Alec bawdwin's tutelage.

zealott, you don't need money to make a difference. Your work at the home for disabled people was making a difference. I feel like I am pretty close to making the most of my life, I can use a bit more discipline, but for the most part my wife and I, are doing it.


I feel like I've manouvered myself into a position of immense opportunity, where I've always dreamed of being, but am frittering my chance for some reason.

Edit: fear I guess

chance, I know this sounds weird, but have you had any dreams that stood out lately? If you would rather email me johnj at


I've had a few nightmares, mostly to do with childhood and something being wrong.

I have been experiencing a lot of intense things regarding dreams lately. I have interpreted a number of other peoples dreams, and have had some of my own. If you would like to tell me your dreams, I might have an interpretation that could explain your inability to get past your current place.


ok rev, thanks, I will email you tomorrow..have to get some sleep now.

I could do better. Fatique is my biggest obstacle. I have learned to progress in life, and not try to do everything in one shot perectly all the time.

AHHHHH the Rev is into DIVINATION now!

Rooster, help!

Acts says in the last days there will be dreams and visions. Joseph translated the dreams of many people. I actually believe it is a spiritual gift.


I'm trying to bar commenting on rev's causes him to cuss and that's unseemly for a reverend.

sorry, you'll have to find some other bible thumping radical :-)

Somebody on here is trading the incorruptable image of God for that of reptiles and birds and other bullshit.

And when I find out who.....

no. Money. I currently earn so little the tax hungry Canadian government does not tax me. I can not start my life until I earn a real salary. That's why I went back to school after 18months of earning crap (and continuing to dos o).

Same happened to me when I first started working MS. It will come good in the end, just keep going.


I'm afraid you are gay.  ;-)

Are you serious MASK?