Making TUF more desirable....

TUF 10 was the the first time I watched since TUF 1 and the main reason was Kimbo . I noticed there were flaws that need to be corrected....

First, the editing was horrible, it was somewhat haphazard. Many of the fighters have blogged that the "good" footage was never shown. Within the hour time-frame I feel the production team dropped the ball considering you had so many "dynamic" personalities in the house. Timing is everything, ask Rogan who does comedy, the pacing of the TUF footage needed to be on point. It was not.

The root of the problem is the robotic/generic boring pace of the show. Remember TUF has to compete with all the other dynamic reality shows and it has to keep our interest and entertain. The hardcore fans here want to see mostly training and fights, the target demographic finds that boring.

I suggest they let the fighters be themselves, let them wear their own style of clothing, let them listen to music, watch TV, hang out in public, call their girlfriends ,etc. This will make better TV for they are not robotic cattle and the "personalities" need to shine more. The TUF "boot camp" angle is boring and dated. For example, the first season of the boxing show Contenders made you care about the fighters, they had the "drama" editing down to a science.

Recently, I watched the TUF marathon before the live TUF final and I enjoyed it more because I felt I knew the fighters.

They need do more in the first couple of episodes to correctly INTRODUCE the fighters and focus less on stupid shit in the gym.

Get the guy that KO'd Kimbos buddy in his backyard