Making Weight


i have a question about making weight or cutting weight for a fight or tourney or whatever.

I weight 181 lbs right now. In a few months I want to be able to weight in at 169 lbs. I know I don't have to lose 12 lbs but what is a good weight to get to so if you cut water before the weigh in you could make 169? Anyone here with experience at this weight your input would be greatly appreciated.


I usually weigh 80kg ~ 176lbs at night and with food and water in me.

At my OL comps I weigh in at 169lbs. I eat a bit less the day before and drink less water. Then I don't eat or drink any excess water before I weigh myself. But when I move up weight I don't think I'll cut as much. Well I could cut to make 169lbs for years if I wanted to but in all honesty you can only be so good at a weight if you have to cut A LOT. Better to maximise and get to the top of the next category.

You should be able to cut that much easily. start wtih a solid 4 weeks before. Just eat a bit less each day. 4 weeks from a comp should not be focused on building mass or strength as you can't get that much stronger anyway. You should emphase technique and skills.

The 2 or 3 days cut water down and eat smaller portions. Easy to make that weight.

BUT you got to keep a good record of what you weigh though. I know my body cuts the 7lbs with not much hassle at all.

Some can cut a lot of water and not have it affect them. Others can't at all. But cutting a lot of water weight is always not too good in the long run.


thanks for the info