Makwan Amirkhani vs. Kamuela Kirk

Up next… I got Amirkhani

1-0 Amirkhani but Kirk not looking bad.

That was a very nice throw.

Kirk winning from bottom and probably won’t be rewarded for it.

I gave Kirk round 2, 1-1 but I’m not sure the judges will agree.

Solid debut win or lose

Slow paced fight for guys that size. I expected more. It was basically a draw.

When I heard 30-27 I thought for sure they gave it to Amirkhani, I’m kinda surprised by that score.

What the fuck?

Amirkhani won every round what the fuck is this?

I thought it was a draw. Amirkhani round 1, Kirk round 2 and round three was even. Neither guy really did shit and both gassed. They should both be disappointed with their performance.

He’s the nephew of kirkbjjthe guy who posts here

Good first showing

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Every round was pretty close.

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Lol @ Kirk “gassing”. Amirkhani was already breathing heavy mouth open at the beginning of the second while Kamuela was picking him apart. Kirk didn’t get tired until the end of the third after all of that grappling.

I thought he won the 2nd round based on the takedowns but Kirk did more damage in every round. It was a close fight.

Great first showing against a guy who has been fighting UFC level opponents for several years and almost double the amount of fights. This fight will definitely be a learning experience for Kirk.

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The third round was in slow motion. He took the fight on short notice so it makes sense.

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