Malcolm X (the movie)

Does it hold up? A friend left the dvd at my house and I've never seen it so thinking of watching it. Does it hold up? Or should I just watch porn and jerk off instead? Phone Post 3.0

Decent movie. I have never been a fan of Spike Lee. But read the's incredible. Phone Post

GREAT movie. Phone Post 3.0

I mean,Its Denzel dude.

Stupid question. Phone Post

TheGreatGodMARS - I mean,Its Denzel dude.

Stupid question. Phone Post
Good point. Phone Post 3.0

It's alright alright... Okay okay Phone Post 3.0

In high school, I took a chick I used bang occasionally, to see this movie. We went to the 10 pm showing and I planned on getting some afterwards. During the movie I thought to myself, "goddamn, how long is this movie." Of course it became so late by the time we got back to her parents house. She was too tired. To this day I refuse to watch that movie for fear of an onset of blue balls. Phone Post 3.0

Very good movie Phone Post 3.0

I really liked it.

It's an eye opening movie that will actually give you an insight into the Nation of Islam and the actual religion of Islam Phone Post 3.0