Male movie stars in dresses-black actors too

So iwas reading about the black comedian getting fired on SNL _ he said one of the reasons is that he 'wouldn't wear a dress' for a skit
Then I remembered Chappel saying something about it and googled.sure enough, he was doing a movie and the producer came to him with an unscripted scene of him putting on a dress and playinig a black hooker. He said no and made a big deal out of it.

So then I looked around some more and realized that nearly ALL a-list actors at one time or another had 'put on the dress' and it led me to this 'illuminati' video I'm not one for this kind of thing but it is kind of strange that they all have been 'made' to do it.

What is the deal with this? Is men in drag really that funny? I never though so- Or is there something more sinister to it- like a debt for stardom being repaid?. Between that and Scientology, I'm not so sure wtf is going on. Look at this vid




Blazing Knees -


They canned Pharaoh ? Gaaaaaay !

Bruce Jenner? Wouldn't be suprised if he is transitioning back into a man right now. Maybe it's me but this sure seems to be strange



Very strange

I don't find cross dressing funny or cute ever. I don't see how people do.



Dumb video is dumb. Adults really believe this bullshit?

Brits think cross dressing is always brilliant and hilarious. They are a nation of cucks I guess.

Also I dont think Ian McKellen dressing as a woman is exactly far fetched.

Famous people are desperately trying to show or act like they are from the Anunnaki blood line.  Anunnaki wore them before any religion or culture came to be.  There's just Too many tunnels around the world left to Bomb.  Too many here in the US starting with FEMA and the White House, Others too close to home to say.  

Some mountains are man made.  



I'm 5150 so don't listen to me.

And lol at anyone trying to play this into a God fearing thing when all the images ever given to us of "God" has him in the same robes as the "terrorists". Just sayin is all.


Pablo Duke -

In the old days of theater women weren't allowed to be on stage so all female parts were played by men. 

In comedy there's a long tradition that has stayed alive from Monty Python to Kids in the Hall...etc

Nooo bro illuminati.