Male Wood Shop teacher gets "gonzagos" over the summer

Remember when a high school girl would show up with an inch of belly showing and they’d throw her out for being a distraction. A boy would show up with bright green hair and would be sent home for being a distraction. Remember when strict dress codes were enforced? It’s all about distracting student from learning. Yet, this fucking freak parades around trying to come all day when boys stare at its big fake freak tits, that’s all fine tho.

Walk into school with a 12 inch prosthetic dick and watch what happens…


That’s what it is. It’s a sick get his jollies off thing. He jacks all night thinking about the high school boys who couldn’t stop staring at his tits. It’s 100% about SEX and kids.

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He’s turned on by the fact he has those, and the kids are unwilling participants in his sexual deviancy. He needs to kill himself or be murdered.

Gazongas, imo

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You got it all wrong…this degenerate and his kind are being discriminated AGAINST. That’s why millions of tax dollars need to be allocated for equity and inclusion programs. Something like that.

Stabby is a thing I have experience with and if this idiot was my kids teacher he would too.

This. Get it right, people. Let’s be correct.

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“Why couldn’t there been teachers like that when I was in school?”

Hey, isn’t it gazongas?

I’d have a beer with that guy!!

To defeat the clowns you must become a clown.

This is how you win.


Wow! Which OGer is he?

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idk he was dressing like this in his private life for at least a year before doing it at school

it could still be true and he is just really committed to the troll

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Lmfao at this. Which do you think is actually more likely to be the real story here? The fact that this is a normal guy making a successful mockery of it all is actually the LESS likely scenario here is what is baffling

The old’ Mr. Garrison play.


shit…I’m tempted to do the same thing. These pukes get away with everything and have protection from the top of the pyramid.

It would be a good way to get the royal treatment without having to paint yourself black or get a nose job.

I’d wondered this myself. Like maybe it’s a gag to prove how insane things are.

These faggot journalist need to stop taking part in trannys delusions. That is a DUDE. Not a “she” or a “Kayla” it is a fucking freak with a dick and insanely giant fake boobs.