Mallory (family ties) Got Played and Never Recovrd

Any of you fucks remember the episode of family ties when Mallory goes on a few dates with a guy (I think he was a young professor) and he breaks out his guitar and strums a few chords and then fucks up his little song and gives a little laugh and then proceeds to smash Alex's sister right in her stupid pussyhole.

The real burn came when Mallory finds out that he puled the exact same move on some other dummy and plowed her into bolivia as well, which left Mallory a broken and confused person. When the cameras went off she probably turned to heroine for comfort.

Some lessons in life have to be learned that way Mal, but fuck that guy for hurting you the way he did. I promised to punch that sonofabitch right in his smug face if I ever saw him and I'm still holding on to that promise Mal.

Love always,

Skippy would have gutted him Phone Post 3.0

Girly - Skippy would have gutted him Phone Post 3.0
This is 100% true. Without a doubt. Phone Post 3.0

Dude, she had Nick to bang her sorrows away, and make her stupid new-wave art.

Nick had a micropenis though. Always tried to compensate for it.  The professor no doubt was packing a heavy tubesteak  that Malory will forever miss, no doubt fantasizing about in her tear filled masturbation sessions for the rest of her life.

This spawned her successful but drug fueled career as a rock star

I thought Nick was so cool. I wanted a dangly earring like he had. Phone Post 3.0

Of course Alex was all fucked up after he refused to help a guy if he was going to be late, so the poor bastard was killed in a car crash trying to make it to see Alex in time.

No wonder he he has the shakes.

Mallory would approve of this thread imo.