Malone sounds done

I think this news was somewhat overshadowed by Sunday's game, but the Karl Malone interview, from the pregame show, made it sound like he is done after this season. It didn't sound like his heart is in the game anymore.

4 years ago called .

He pulled that shit every year with the Jazz.

"I want to be traded .... blah blah blah."

They just pretended to look for a deal then suited him up the next year. Malone will likely put in one more year, and go to a team as a package with his new buddy Gary Payton (Payton mentioned this before).

Don't look for Malone to retire without a ring.

If Malone and Payton went to Utah, that might actually work very well. Kirilenko can play small forward, though I'm not sure what Harpring would do if that happened.

Yes Malone has said it before, but the big difference now is how the death of his mother has affected him. I guess we will see.