they need to stop making these ghost apparition horror movies. The movie makers are using the same tricks of quick cuts and noise, etc. They need to make horror movies where the "victims" are able to fight the creatures. This way the audience can get into the movie conflict and root for one side or the other.

with that, Jessica looked nice...

Where can I watch The Conjuring?

Mama was so dumb. I was just annoyed at the end. Phone Post 3.0

Is this the one with Jamie Lannister? If so, I saw it on the plane and it sucked.

Just finished 'Mama' and ho-lee-fuck was that awful.

Honest to fuck, if I paid to see that motherfucker in the movie theatre I'd still be pissed off that I paid to be held hostage like that.

And oh man, that fucking ending? What bullshit. Not even like "hey that didn't make sense to the story" bullshit, but just complete and utter bullshit. Whoever wrote that heap needs a slap.

I don't wannna die... sometimes wish I'd never been born at aaAAAAALLLLLLLLlllllllllll

not that good

Thought it was weak too. Watched it twice. Fell asleep the first time. Second time I realized why.

Expected more from del toro Phone Post