Mammoth congratulates Brian Bowles

Brian Bowles won his 2nd fight in WEC and improves to 5-0 overall.  

We'd like to thank all of Brian's sponsors for supporting him!

SPRAWL, Violence Alliance, CageSide MMA, Irish Thug, Red Carpet VIP,, PIMPIT, and FIGHT! magazine!

he looked great

Brian showed yet again how well rounded he is.

Excellent showing!


Congrats and he is a tough redneck from Jackson County.

I really enjoyed that Fight. BB is an entertaining Fighter!

Brian's new website, still under construction:

"Congrats and he is a tough redneck from Jackson County."

Jackson County Rednecks.  lol.  I guess I fit in that category. 

minus the tough.

I was impressed.

He's the type that walking down the street, you might not think is a tough guy but would end up surprising you.

Good job last night.

impressive victory, also a very entertaining fight from both fighters.

I don't know who is uglier, him or Bedard. They are both freaking ugly rednecks but great fighters. Correlation?

We are so proud of Brian. He did such an amazing job the other night. Adam put together a great camp and a great game plan. Brian followed it to the letter. Many thanks to all the mighty mights at Body Plex for being great training partners to Brian: Raphael, Junior, Diego, Bedard, Jucao, Traven and all the rest. More thanks go out to all of Brian's boys at The HardCore Gym. MMA is most definitely a team sport and Brian has a great team behind him. He is a champion in the making.


TTT for Brian. I was happy to see him on the broadcast and very
impressed with his performance.

Looking forward to seeing him again soon.