Man arrested for "DX" vandalism

NORTHFIELD, N.H. -- Police in the Lakes Region were investigating what they called an unusual act of vandalism spanning several communities.

Authorities have charged Joshua Prue, 20, of Tilton with spray-painting what appears to be an image associated with professional wrestling on buildings, cars and signs. The images surfaced in Northfield, Tilton and Sanbornton.

Police said they believe the vandalism occurred between 8 p.m. and midnight Tuesday. A Northfield officer made the discovery sometime after that.

"An officer on patrol found damage to the school while checking the building," Northfield Police Chief Scott Hilliard said. "We have five victims here in town, either buildings spray-painted or vehicles."

Hilliard said one of the more troubling spots is the Southwick School sign, which includes a tribute to the local egg man, who has delivered eggs in town for decades. Now, the sign is covered in green.

In nearby Tilton, the letters "DX" can be found in a number of places. Police said that the letters are apparently a reference to the World Wrestling Entertainment group, D Generation X.

The group's logo is bright green and black and was sprayed on school doors, a camper, a convenience store and several cars in Tilton.

"I don't think there's any rhyme or reason as to why he chose the locations that he did," Tilton police Capt. Owen Wellington said. "They were crimes of opportunity."

Police acted on tips and said they were able to catch Prue just hours after the crimes were committed. They said he had green spray-paint on his fingers.

Prue was charged with criminal mischief. Police said they don't believe he acted alone and more arrests are likely.

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