Man Attacks Statue Of Man With a Naked Child Carved By A Pedophile at BBC Headquarters

Lol, fair enough….but maybe there is a story like that behind this one too?

It’s Prospero and Ariel from Shakespeare’s last play The Tempest

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Well There It Is Jurassic Park GIF

Someone has climbed onto the BBC building and smashing up the Eric Gill pedo statue :fire:

I still read it as ‘Big Black Cock’ everytime and giggle like a fucking idiot.

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Ironically when that statue was ‘erected’ in 1940, some of the bbc establishment were of the opinion the small persons junk was unnecessarily big


As long as there’s no statues of Columbus

Maybe you’re a pedo and that’s why you object?

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edit - double

The pedo statue must stay but Lincoln statues are racist!

Woah I just looked the sculptor up and he was banging his dog too

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That’s his right as a DAP (dog attracted person)

  • Libs
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