Man beaten with hammer by 4 racists in Ferguson

Shopping at a home depot. They strong armed his phone. He tackles the one with the phone and the rest swarm him, one of them beating him with a hammer.

animals.   Kill all four of them.  Seriously.  No trial, no second chances, just beat them to death with a hammer.  Slowly....over a period of several days.  

"The men in dark shirts"

What the hell is he even talking about? Phone Post 3.0

wtf man shit had hit the fan there... Phone Post 3.0

Will there be riots at Panera bread?

Igotyourmoney - "The men in dark shirts"

What the hell is he even talking about? Phone Post 3.0

What's wrong with that description?  This OBVIOUSLY had nothing to do with skin color.

In dark shirts? Is that liberal code for "black guys"? Cause I saw some lighter color shirts

Racially baited handymen with hearts of gold Phone Post 3.0

In for Eric Holder's comments

Damn those dark shirts!

The shit storm continues. I need to go find out what CNN wants me to think now. God bless CNN.

Put them under the jail.

Home Depot/Black Shirts


Every single "thug" with a criminal record should e exterminated. Start the practice in the US then move to the Middle East/EU to exterminate the jihadists. World will be achieved instantly. Phone Post 3.0

World peace* Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post

Surely those dark-shirted men were only acting out as a result of their ancestors having been slaves. They are just misunderstood young men in dark clothing. Although it looked like one of them actually had on light-skinned dark clothing. Phone Post 3.0

OK. It's not being covered by CNN, so it must not have happened. They're still reporting on the guy's sex chat timeline from a few days ago.

The US needs be turned into a glass parking lot. Phone Post 3.0

How many of you would, if you were granted impunity, put a bullet in each oftheir heads then go home and sleep like a baby?