Man Gets Run Over By His Own Truck While Filming A TikTok Video


Was that bone I heard cracking???

Good :slight_smile: How about next time stay inside the moving truck instead of trying to get likes?

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Im glad he didnt die but I couldnt help but laugh. His scream should be sampled someone else’s song somewhere. Social media is like a positive idiocy test where idiocy quotient increases as people move from written to picture to video media.

If your truck looks like that… I hope you get ran over. Whore.


Potential Darwin award winner here, hope he gets lots of TikTok views.

If trucks were animals, I think most of the OG would want this guy dead.

I still like this one better


Like what the fook was that dude thinking? Let alone doing? Idiots everywhere. We are surrounded by idiots

I just don’t understand what makes grown adult men want to attention whore online in this fashion


Agreed. When I saw tik tok was full of adults I couldn’t help but feel an end of times vibes.

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Pussy… the pursuit of pussy will make a straight man do almost anything.

Definitely a classic. He was hilarious on Tosh.O

I’m trying to find it but there was a video a while back of some dude in a pickup. He climbs out the door, gets up on the hood and then he realizes he’s fucked as it’s turning into a street post…

Found it



The funny thing was right after it happened, he got tracked down by Opie & Anthony and they were the first to interview the guy.

The guy acted like he didn’t do anything wrong and it was 100% on the ice cream truck driver.

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Raise you with this one

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Yeah, you see that Toledo 5 he was rolling with?!?

Some people just don’t get it

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LOL!. Looked like a final destination kill.

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Strut… strut… strut… pose… FUCKIN DONE SON!