Man in India films empty crematorium in Delhi saying that it`s all political

Last week, a coworker of mine had to bail out of a few meetings to deal with 2 family members in India. One was critical, the other couldn’t speak. There was no room in the hospitals. He had to work some type of deal ($$$$) to get them bumped to the front of the line, and I can tell he and his family here were desperate. I don’t know much beyond this, but seems to me that there is a big problem there.

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You say that like it’s a bad thing.

one of my indian employees told me that it is blown out of proportion and they don’t know anybody who has even tested positive for covid let alone anybody who has died from it.

Except you are a known liar.

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Don’t they use a variety of different covid tests instead of the PCR test now, or are those different tests more like a pregnancy test you buy at the dollar store only to follow up with your doctor to take the official test?

We know that it’s serious now - they’ve cancelled the IPL - the biggest cricketing event in India, and therefore the world. They wouldn’t be cancelling it unless things were very bad - too much money and way too popular India.

Although next we will have EY come in here and say he knows an Indian who has never heard of cricket.

In his defense they canceled everything in other countries despite the economic effects.

There are 2 commonly used tests:

-Antigen (fast) tests. Some false negatives here.
-PCR which are more sensitive. Some false positives here.

Both have their use depending on the setting (screening vs confirmation)