Man is canceled for refusing to call black woman "Dr."

I would not call you that. However, if you earned a Doctorate and it became an issue because you got butt hurt about me not referring to you as Dr., I would do it rather than stubbornly object for no reason.

Guy on the left is Terry Gilliam, BTW.

The difference is he’s getting paid to hold decorum & be respectful to the other 20 people in line who don’t want to be there, but have to, to conduct their business with the government. She’s not. He’s expected to be respectful to the schizophrenic who is going to rant over time during public comment, as well. It’s plain what the job is. He got shitcanned for not doing the job, not because of bullshit cancel culture. Be respectful to your citizens, stifle your ego, move on & get the work done. Nobody wants to be there; half of 'em are gonna be cunty. If you can’t take it, don’t take a public service gig where you’re in charge of meetings.

I wasn’t defending that, but I will, as it’s the same issue: AP Style is for readability, not for manners, rules of conversation, or parliamentary procedure. Different standards, by definition. AP Style also dictates you lose titles & first names after one mention, which only applies in conversation when you’re a drill sergeant or a middle school gym teacher who mistakenly believes you’re a drill sergeant.

Right Pie? Pie?!? Pie!?!

My favorite schizophrenic public comment loon: The Grubb Files supercut starring The Indiana Outlaw - YouTube

Sure all that is right, she was still being a cunt though. And somehow council people don’t normally lose their jobs when they are normally dismissive of the crazies. I think it is obvious this wouldn’t have happened without the race angle.

The AP guidelines specifically say not to do it because most people view “Dr.” as a physician and it would be confusing to call non physicians by that title. And the Biden nonsense was literally the media going after other media (among others) for not giving her the title in articles… even though they are all following the same rules (except NYT uses its own guidelines). So super hypocritical. I think one even mentioned their own guidelines were the same but… er damn them anyhow!

Like what kicked it off was a print article (maybe digital not trying to make that distinction). It was all pretty silly. Then they started doing it just for her against their own guidelines just to make a point instead of conceding the original article that raised it was right and it was much ado about nothing. In fairness, that guy was being condescending as fuck about it but it was still right.

So, they’re not confused but we’re worried about confusion? Everybody knows who the insufferable twat is; no need for AP Style here.

Just pointing out it is stated for other purposes than for readability. I think we are mixing up two incidents here which is my fault because I posted about the Jill Biden thing as this story just made me think of it. The two are mostly unrelated. It does go the broader question of what is considered the social norm for whom to refer to as Doctor though that goes out the window once someone makes a direct request in a conversation I agree.

If they insisted that I called them Doctor I would just say a little quietly, “Schnoctor”. And then they would be like, “What did you say?”. And I would be like, “What?”. And they would be like, “Back there, a moment ago, you said something, what was it?”. And I’d be like, “Yeah, not sure what you’re talking about.” And then they would be like, “Well, ok, but I’d appreciate it if you’d call me Doctor”. And then I’d do it again. A little bit louder than ‘under my breath’, “Schnoctor”. They would FLIP! “I STUDIED FOR FOUR YEARS ONLINE WITH DEVRY!!! YOU WILL CALL ME DOCTOR!!!”

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You are living up to your title.

Now I have to change it to, “Deeply Offended”.

Do you have these conversations in your head many times before you write them out?

Asking for a friend.

Ha! No, just the once. Stream of consciousness, more or less. It was just an attempt at humor, not serious, and not anything I’d really do.