Man loses legs and Son after helping stranded vehicle

This guy needs some help. It pisses me off that a bunch of idiot waitresses get thousands of dollars because a mean person gave zero tip.


Donated. Lesson learned, fuck helping stranded people in America.

I don’t like that mentality, that is precisely how things have gotten so bad.

What you can do if you choose to help someone is to first ask yourself:

  • Can I help? Or will I exacerbate the situation?
  • Is it safe to help? (Situational awareness)

Pretty much the principals of “S.M.A.R.C.H.E” when it comes to first aid or tactical combat casualty care.

Situational Awareness is huge. What a terrible situation. : (

Funny enough, quickly found good ol’ PatMac going over SMARCHE

Chipped in $20, damn what a sad deal. Thx for posting OP

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Not to discourage anybody from donating, it’s a worthwhile cause, but this guy is going to have millions coming his way from insurance from the driver of the SUV. Money isn’t going to be one of his problems.

I will be sure to yell smarchie as I drive past

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If the guy HAS insurance.

Yeah I know, the story pissed me off.

Maybe, after the whole deal gets settled. A friend of mine went through it and it took years, including a long drawn out court case then the appeal, etc. Meanwhile this guy’s at $65k with go fund me, he’s not getting rich from it, said he still has 2 daughters and a wife to support. Nice to see that he’s a family man.

Fuck I might even donate again. haha

Is it weird to anyone else that the organizer refers to herself as “Ms. Hunter”?

Not weird to at all. She’s his sister and has the same last name, and as for the Ms. thing, lots of ladies opt for that prefix for various reasons. Nothing weird about it.

Like I said, not trying to dissuade anybody from donating and it is a worthy cause.

fuck, this one got me… so damn sad