Man loses race bc of Michelle Obama-like infliction

His OG hog kept flopping out.

must be an OGer


How did you get that private video of me…

This is my kind of news. Wish we could see a slow-mo close up of the action.

Shut up, faggot. You can’t even piss out your zipper. You gotta take your pants all the way off with that button pecker.

That twitter vid shows the Israeli manhood popping out too

No close ups of his hog popping out? Thread fail.

He was probably watching the female pole vaulters.

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Should have tied it around his waist like I usually do. Rookie mistake.


Fucking stupid. Gonna open the door for a bunch of speed masturbators.

“Which Ensured He Came last”

Season 2 Lol GIF by Friends


So, will that be the new Olympic sport? If so I’m gonna win!

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It’s Current Year, so I assumed it was a women’s event.

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No close up… I need a “zoom, enhance… zoom, enhance!” stat!

I will occasionally let mine drag behind me. It’s so heavy though it starts digging a trench

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