Man Now Can Identify as an ORC

Brazilian tattoo artist turns himself into an ‘ORC’ by having his nose removed, ears mutilated and his skin tattooed blue

  • Fernando Franco de Oliveira has covered around 99 per cent of his body with ink
  • De Oliveira, who owns a tattoo studio in Tatui, has horn implants fitted to head
  • He also has a forked tongue and vampire teeth and removed his nose to make it look like part of his skull


He seems mentally stable.


Mental Illness is a hell of a drug


That’s going to create a poor first impression on job interviews.

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doesn’t look healthy

throw up comedy central GIF by Workaholics


The before picture seems like a normal dude chilling… did this guy get divorced or something? WTF would compel an otherwise “normal” person to do this?


I’m amazed that thing owns a dog. Seems like mixed messaging to me…

“Look, I’m a demon! Wanna check out my cute little dog?”

Meth is a harsh mistress…

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I guess he’s trying to show his tender side

Easier than developing a talent, I guess…

anybody remember Bat Boy?


That was their second best selling issue ever!

Now that that’s done maybe try some cardio fatty. You literally cut off your nose to spite your face but did nothing to address the new chins you added


Must be the look he was going for, I’m sure it will increase his business.

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ORCs are fat.

Could you imagine getting on a plane and that fucking thing is waiting in the seat next to you?

I bet he gets all the women.

I’m pretty sure trolls and ogres (not to be confused with OGers). Are fat. Orcs I thought were lean but I’m no hardcore nerd.

How the fuck do these dumb shits pay their bills

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Article said he was a tattoo artist…maybe in trade?