"Man of Steel" vs Yunker LFC title

The fight was offered and i have officially accepted i will be signing the contract tommorow... i am very excited about this fight and i am very much looking forward to fightin in Indiana again.. my last fight there was a victory over UFC bound Forrest Petz... Yunker is a talented young fighter and i look very much forward to out fight.. and the night ending with a "NEW LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMP"


Man of Steel


Give him hell Jake. We may not agree on some things, but you are a hell of a fighter. Good luck to you.

Wow! Im stumped. Scott whats the deal yo?

Good luck Jake...always been a fan. Tristan will be ready!!

Damage Inc

Jeff,, i am not sure what you are referring to??? email me.. the details.

Man of Steel

Good luck Jake.

Very interested in seeing how this fight pans out...

Fuck yeah Ill be there.

So will I....this will be tha shiznit!!

I don't know about the whole "NEW LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMP" thing, but it should be one hell of a fight, and the best of luck to you. But you better come in ready, because I'm training my ass off.

-Tristan Yunker

Tristan...you finally got the green:) Don't worry bro! YOU'LL be keeping the title where it belongs....with Damage Inc!!

Will you be in the gym monday? If so I'll see ya there.

yea...I'll be up there pretty much 5 or 6 days a wk from now on, doing 2-a-days whenever possible.

When the crap do I get my green name?

Yunk Good luck bro.

Short's no journeyman-check his record. Yunker is simply the best up and coming 155 out there. This will be a tough test. Yunker is undefeated at 155lbs. with wins over Clay Guida, John Halverson, Dan Loman, and previously unbeaten Jeremy Wingler. English-you need to be in contact with me. mcamp@legendsoffighting.com.

Journeymen are usually the guys who willingly go into other fighters backyards and lose decisions.

This WILL be a helluva fight.


i am not sure i was being called names.. lol.. well atleast i didn;t pick up on it... I have fought only tough guys my entire career.. in all honesty.. i should be 15-2 right now.. with only loss's coming to Diego and Sherk... but i have made mistakes during those fights.. but hey.. i think they have made me a better fighter.. i know what it is like to be standing acrossed the cage from some of the best in the business.. and thats expirience that will help me make it to wher i wanna go in this sport..so i guess u can call me whatever u want...but on 9/29.. u will be callin me the NEW lightweight champ!!!!

Man of Steel

"Journeymen are usually the guys who willingly go into other fighters backyards and lose decisions."

or get KO'd, TKO'd, or submitted ... heck, even choked unconscious. ... Wait, I guess that'd be more of a bum, eh?

Go Yunker!...lol

best of luck jake.