Man pulled from burning car, women useless in emergencies

Pull him out!

Yeah good thing you were there to yell that. They had no idea what to do.


Yeah I’ve been around women in high stress situations and they tend to panic and yell and just make things worse


That’s what I went in expecting, I was quite surprised she was as coherent as she was.

That was close, wow! It had to be hot AF right there…

women have a strong sense of self preservation. having them in certain emergency response roles - with some exceptions - is a liability.


WTH she pulled away at the moment he was rescued.

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Where the hell did that TS-400 come from?

Probably from the vehicle of the dude using it.

To be fair, there were an awful lot of useless dudes just standing in the way, too.

Social Justice Warrior to the rescue of women everywhere. BarkLikeADog is the white knight that feminists have been waiting for!!!

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Yeah but they weren’t as annoying and loud about how useless they were :slight_smile:

It’s just not a common tool that you would find on a work truck. Especially with a diamond blade to cut metal. They don’t look like firefighters unless it’s a third world country, but it looks like LA