Man pulls gun during street fight in Austin, TX


How stupid can one be?  Especially with all those witnesses?

edit: this video is from July 21, 2019. 

Did he miss like 3 times?

"Man?"  Looked more like a "youth" or a "teen."

NiteProwleR -

Did he miss like 3 times?

I think he shot her 3 times 

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That town used to be so awesome. 


Glad I left.


We have too many god damn fat people in this country 

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whats the problem? Dont librals always say "why didnt you just shoot him in the leg"?

on a seperate note, why the fuck is a cop (white at that) wearing a 'do rag ?

ducks18 -


How stupid can one be?  Especially with all those witnesses?

This was earlier in 2019 right at the corner where the homeless center is at. That place needs to be nuked. I think the eternal radiation left over from the nuke would be safer than the conditions now. 

But seriously that place is going to get demolished soon and it’s going to be spectacular. I fucking hate the homeless.

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Altofsky -

Glad I left.

With you man. Left Austin right before the downtown surge with all those skyscrapers after 2009 and haven't looked back. Traffic was the worst I've been in Texas, which is crazy for a small city. People always remanence about how good Austin used to be even when I first moved there lol. 

keep Austin crowded! Support long local lines and prevent any viable transportation solution

and 6th sucks. Rainey is alright and Southcongress (crowbar) 


I moved away in 2004 and had the opportunity to move back last year and just couldn't talk myself into it.  

They filming in 4k landscape now? See, progress is real!

Anyone else notice the shooter dropped his phone at the 15 second mark? Chick in pink (with matching panties) picked it up at the 33 second mark.

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Didn't this happen months ago? Is there any follow up to the story? I assume the guy was caught

Amos Moses -

They filming in 4k landscape now? See, progress is real!

Check the OP YouTube channel.  Some good hi quality videos!

Moved away from there in 2000, and missed it. Moved back in 2011, and promptly got the fuck out of there.  I actually had some hipster douche transplant from New York tell me that "Austin didn't need any more fake-asses" moving in to town...

Fuck that place.  It is not Texas anymore. 

I guess we will never know why white people forced him to do it.

Isn't that an old video? I recall seeing it on the OG

Diversity is our strength.