Man struck by train while posing for selfie

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                                Man struck by train while posing for selfie

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                    <p>Police say the unidentified man stopped along the Kalama River to smoke and take pictures with a woman on the railroad tracks three miles south of Kalama, The Oregonian reports. As the northbound Burlington Northern-Santa Fe train approached the two about 10:28 a.m. Saturday, the man &ldquo;walked out between the northbound and southbound set of train tracks to pose for pictures as the train passed by him,&rdquo; said Charlie Rosenzweig, a Cowlitz County Sheriff&rsquo;s deputy.</p>

The two didn’t realize an Amtrak train was approaching them from the southbound set of tracks, Rosenzweig told The Oregonian. The train struck the man as he posed for the selfie photo. The woman was uninjured in the incident, but the man died at the scene.

The identity of the male victim will be released once the family has been notified and BNSF spokesman Gus Melonas tells The Associated Press that the man was trespassing on the tracks.

Melonas says dispatchers held seven trains until about 1 p.m. Saturday, when they resumed operations.

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The two didn't realize???


okay, the o.g. Knows what they were smoking;)

Trust - 

He overtrained.  

Aaaaaand boom goes the dynamite!

Trust -

He overtrained.  

He under train. Phone Post 3.0

Doctor Strange - Hope he's ok. Phone Post 3.0

from the way the article is written it looks like the man at least is in stable condition.

I bet that instagram post got so many likes.

train tracks, how do they work?

Final Destination in motion. He mocked death by taking the pic of the moving train he just missed, and death hit his ass with the other one. When death wants your ass he will get you. Phone Post 3.0

StevetheWeasel - Trains hate him.
LMAO ! Phone Post 3.0

Early Darwin Award candidate. Phone Post 3.0

StevetheWeasel - Trains hate him.


damn...that's close to me.


Play stupid games...

Res ipsa loquitar - 
Ridgeback - 

I have a theory that the digital generation can't distinguish real danger from digital dangers because they spent so much time in the virtual world the real world doesn't signal real threats in their brains like it should.  Add the youthful feeling of immortality and you get what you might call "easily preventable catastrophic deaths."  

Pretty solid hypothesis. I see more kids crossing the street with head down in their smart phones than not

Except retards have been getting nailed by trains since trains came into existence.


Good riddance. I hope he at least felt the pain before he died. Though I guess its assholes like this that we can use as examples to our own children when teaching them why we shouldnt stand on tracks when trains are coming. Again, fuckin retards.

Normal people, as absorbed in their devices as they are, recognize that you will die if a fuckin train hits you. Great thought though.

and odds are there will be some nephew or niece of his at his funeral doing a selfie with his coffin in the background...

lol at not knowing a train was approaching them. He wanted to be cool and take a selfie with a train close to him, and either misjudged the amount of time he had or tripped or got his foot caught in something

Trust - 

He overtrained.  

Like J.R. he died of eternal bleeding. Phone Post 3.0

Trust -

He overtrained.  

Phone Post 3.0

Really what we all want to know is..

WHERE IS THAT DELFIE(death selfie)?!?!?! Phone Post 3.0

this should be the result everyone who has been bitten by the retard bug and continue this dumb ass selfie trend. Men should never take selfless and I'm beginning to feel that way about hot women.