Man struck by train while posing for selfie

At least he died doing what he loved. Phone Post 3.0

Reminds me of a gif I've seen where a kid is posing for a selfie right next to train tracks and the train conductor kicks him in the head Phone Post 3.0

I believe the same thing happened to Greg Plitt. Phone Post 3.0

Blue please Phone Post 3.0

We have an Otherground blog? Phone Post 3.0

Check this out. More unbelievable, IMO.

Damn it, can't post a blue link for some reason right now.

StevetheWeasel - Trains hate him.


Risk your life for a selfie? Just so you can get people to 'like' it, say 'awesome' and such. Just silly.
Sad for the family and friends

Just for a moment he lost his train of thought.

There's video

He is on-track to reach his training goals Phone Post 3.0

StevetheWeasel - Trains hate him.
Yup. That's a VU. Phone Post 3.0

Trust -

He overtrained.  

Oh holy fuck that's funny Phone Post 3.0

Ridgeback -

I have a theory that the digital generation can't distinguish real danger from digital dangers because they spent so much time in the virtual world the real world doesn't signal real threats in their brains like it should.  Add the youthful feeling of immortality and you get what you might call "easily preventable catastrophic deaths."  

I think you are on to something. Phone Post 3.0

Trust -

He overtrained.  

This is a thing if beauty. Well done! Phone Post 3.0

Good Phone Post 3.0

The whole 'selfie' obsession is not only incredibly vain but also extremely sad. Phone Post 3.0

His picture was uploaded to the cloud Phone Post 3.0

i hope he had a chance to upload it to instagram first