Man vs. Wild

This guy is my hero. Watching the Sierra Nevada one and he sidearm throws a stick at a rabbit from like 20 yards, breaks its neck. This guy is insane, hardcore, and the show rocks

broke his back in a parachuting accident, then climbed everest all before 23 years old!

Drank elephant shit for your entertainment.


Costa Rican rain forest right now, very interesting show.

I think I like surviourman better. But I did like when he 'gollumed' the still wriggling trout in the French alps.

Survivorman seems to give more realistic survival advice he doesn't drink elephant shit.

Can't keep from imagining the entire production crew just outside of camera range in Man vs Wild.

I wonder how many retakes are done on some of the more rediculous shots.

It seems odd that as Bear huffs and puffs while running through the jungle the camera is strangely clear and steady.

And there he is , drinking elephant shit water for his 'survival', while 20 feet away the production crew sips Evian.

Stupid show.

That throw on the rabbit though! That was amazing, lol

like the show. better than survivorman. the tiger sharks around the boat he made were nuts

"Survivorman seems to give more realistic survival advice imo"

Yeah. That's the biggest problem I have with this show. It's cool to watch him climb down tree roots into an old lava tube to look for water, but how practical is that for the average person? He can do that because he's ex-British Special Forces. A lot of the stuff he does would be stupid for the average person. The average person would fall, break some bones, and die in the bottom of a lava tube.

I wish he would show more about how he builds his rafts and shelters. Show me how to tie a proper knot or lash bamboo together so it doesn't fall apart in the water. That would be pretty useful.

I'd also like to see him do more stuff without his equipment. I guess a prepared hiker should have a knife and a flint. But that doesn't always happen. If you were prepared enough to have a knife and a flint, why not just carry a GPS beacon with you? Problem solved.

Bear Grylls jumped the shark when he drank that elephant shit on day 2..and then a couple hours later he found some fresh drinking water. I would say I'd have to be a week without water before drinking elephunt dung...but I change my mind on that...I would never drink that crap...I'd pee in my hand and drink that before drinking elephant feces.

The show is pretty cool but this dude is gonna die eating and drinking some of the crap he tries. He is an upbeat dude though...every meal he eat's ... he says is the "best"

Best show on Discovery. Dude is a complete stud and looks to have no ego problem. He is also very well spoken.

He is releasing a new book in 2007 about survival and is also shooting some new survival shows.

I liked the part where he went into that lava tube and found fresh water coming down those roots. wow! also, when he caught that little snake and then bit it's body away from the head, ate the body right away and looked at the head and commented on how it was still moving. cool man!

I think it's amazing that the camera crew follows him every step of the way.

That crew is on their toes.

He jumps into a crevasse. The camera man is waiting at the bottom.

He builds a boat to escape, the crew builds a bigger one and follows.

Hats off to 'em.

WTF is that rope? So he was being tugged along by a boat all this time?!

the rope is attached to the other photographer in the luxury boat with all the goodies and food. LOL

Yeah I wondered how is it that he jumps down from somewhere and you see him jump from up high and then you see him land down below...has to be at least 2 cameramen with him if not more.

This show is so fake believe it's (actually) funny.

LOL at the haters, how many of you guys have summited Everest?