Man with GOD-LIKE Dad Reflexes. ALL HAIL HIM

All my respect and admiration for this hero without cape

Check it out, TWO KIDS!

News Article about it:

There was a huge thread on this a few months back and I don't think a backstory was ever established. With that being said I don't give a fuck they this gif/vid resurfaced as that shit is incredible. That shit is like superhero like reflexes. 

I might have been able to grab the kids but most likely would have jumped in the air to try to avoid the crash and got killed. The ability to process that he needed to basically roll backwards out of the way is incomprehensible to me. 

Cot damn that was crazy

Jackie Chan new movie

That's friggin impressive

seriously that's fucking nuts. Notice him bring in his legs at the end of the clip to avoid his legs getting crushed

I think that's the most impressive physical display I have ever seen. The combination of bravery, heroism and raw athleticism is fucking with me right now. That guy is the greatest

No way else to put it, that was amazing.

Where is EvilYoshida to claim the superiority of the yellow man? No ivory or sable hued person could've accomplished such a feat.

that was fucking great

Holy shit!  His legs almost got demolished.  

Couple of threads about this already but worthy of repost

I only saw one kid at first. Two??? Wow!



Mad respect.

Ya, this can get reposted every couple months and I will appreciate seeing it again just as much as I did the first time.

the thing i missed the first time around was his spin to put his back towards the cart and sheild the kids from that as well at the end...that was some next level stuff.