Manager: McGregor will box again, wants MMA now

Conor McGregor was the fourth highest-paid athlete in the world in 2017, due largely to a single boxing match vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thus it's no surprise he's interested in boxing again, and had mentioned matching with Manny Pacquiao, but that one never happened. However, Pacquiao recently signed with Paradigm Sports Management, who also handle McGregor's career, which could make it easier.

McGregor’s manager Audie Attar talked about it during a recent appearance on MMA Junkie Radio.

“I think he’s thinking MMA first,” said Attar as transcribed by Farah Hannoun for MMA Junkie. “Boxing is definitely something he plans on doing, but I think he’s thinking MMA first. And who the opponent is, it could be [Justin Gaethje or Tony Ferguson], it could be someone else. It just depends on how things play out and where he wants to take it. Ultimately, I think all the fans want to see him fight, so it doesn’t matter who he fights – he’ll fight someone.

“Whether he fights [Gaethje] or whether he fights another opponent, we will see. Let’s see how this thing plays out and let’s see how discussions go and then as it relates to him fighting Manny or any other boxer in the future, that’s always a possibility.”

“I think at the end of the day, he is an amazing talent, an amazing not only athlete, but personality – and someone fans want to see compete. And ultimately, I think that there’s a few matchups that we can make. It’s just about how things play out and what makes sense.”

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JohnnyAppleseed4Life -

Mcgregor has been taking fights at 170, why not take on Canelo at super middleweight lol. GGG has never fought above middleweight but I’m sure he would move up to super middleweight for the Connor fight. Or if Connor wants to cut I’m sure Manny would take it at 154 or 147. 

But we all know he won’t take any of those fights, he fought a WW who he had 25 pounds on, was 10 years younger than and was coming out of retirement, and has absolutely no power in his punches. And he still got totally humiliated and it was the first time Floyd stopped someone in like a decade. 

You're delusional If you think Canelo and GGG arent also cutting weight. Canelo is a fucking tank, hes probably about 190 right now. While Conor never gets past 170. Plus Canelo has tons of experience. That fight will never happen. The only way it would even make any kind of sense is if there was a catch weight, and a catch weight would literally kill Canelo. 

As for GGG the coward. GGG is probably in the 180s, and yet GGG has always been scared to move up. GGG is an absolute coward. He was sacred to move up and fight Ward. He was scared to move up and fight Sergey. Meanwhile Canelo, the kid who started out at 130 moved up and KOd Sergey. Canelo beat GGG's ass too. Fuck GGG. ggg will forever live in his daddy Canelo's shadow

Lastly, calling Floyd a WW shows how you know nothing about boxing, and it shows what a disingenuous piece of trolling thrash you are. Floyd cut weight for Pacquiao just to make 147 plus needed IVs. Floyd walks around 160. I have that on good word. Conor at best had 5-10lbs over Floyd on fight night. To even call Floyd "retired" shows even bigger what a newb disingenuous piece of trolling trash you are. Floyd was undefeated coming off a brilliant performance over Berto. Floyd hardly took any damage in his career. You are coming up with every excuse under the sun to try and diminish just how well Conor actually performed against Floyd. You are a newb who doesnt want to come to terms with just how special Conor truly is. The irony here is that if Conor truly did as bad as you claim, you WOULDNT need to be diminishing Floyd or coming up with excuses. Again, the fact you are, shows how amazingly well Conor actually did. The fact that Conor did so great, above expectations, that you need to diminish Floyd, and make excuses, in order to try and discredit that. That says it all. 

The real story of the fight was that Floyd a 49-0 "all time great boxer" struggled against a "0-0 mma fighter." What ever measly advantages Conor had in weight or youth, MEANT NOTHING compared to Floyd's VAST advantages in boxing experience. And yet Conor was still whopping Floyd for most of their fight. Teddy Atlas: "I had Conor up 6-2 over Floyd heading into the 9th round." Conor even almost finished Floyd to the body. Keep living in your own deluded little bubble. The reality is Conor is a special...special talent, and far surpassed expectations against Floyd, whom many hail "TBE". Stick to MMA you BJJ nerd, you know NOTHING ABOUT boxing. It's only these BJJ mma fags who know nothing about boxing who were discrediting Conor. Meanwhile the actual boxing community gave Conor tons of props and respect for his competitive performance in his 1st pro boxing bout ever against someone who was 49-0

Rambla -

Blaa blaa. Just bleed!

He would be a fool to not take another boxing fight someday against a big name.  Easy money.  If he loses,  oh well,  not his sport. He'll still be a star in the UFC.

Wolf tickets

1 connor did better than expected against money May and did crack him with a few shots. 


2 let’s not pretend Floyd didn’t carry him

Conor feels like at this point he's just throwing things against the wall hoping something sticks. Last week he was trying to drum up a fight with a 46 year old cross dresser now he wants to jump the line at 155 then go jump the line at 170.

I am willing to pay the time it takes me to find an illegal stream to watch conor box. Not sure if I’m willing to watch the entire match though.