Manager: UFC has a big chance to sign Fedor

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                                Manager: UFC has a big chance to sign Fedor

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Get it done!

And I never heard Rogan say those comments. Shocked actually Phone Post 3.0

I gave up hope when Finkelstein showed up again.

disbeliever - I'm so done even hoping. Until it happens, it's all talk.
Yup, I think it's more along the lines of "UFC has a chance to get us big money from Bellator." Phone Post 3.0

No matter how long this "UFC might sign Fedor" shit goes on, we'll always be hopeful lol. Let's not lie to ourselves. I would like to think there's a 70% chance it actually happens this time since M-1 co-promotion is out the picture :) Phone Post 3.0

who's more broke, Fedor or Vadim?

One of the major points of contention in the past was co-promotion and now they're already conceding that it isn't needed, before they even begin talks. Sounds like desperation.

I see little chance UFC will sign him unless they want to open up Russia. He is just not that well known in the US and therefore UFC will not offer him what Fedor and Vadim think he is worth. They would have to do a ton of promotion on him and that is assuming he can hang with current heavy weights, among them the current champ whom already has a win over him. Its a big risk for them.

Sorry to be the wet blanket... ;)

Smoke and mirrors to bring more hype to his fighter. Phone Post 3.0

God people take stuff out of context with the JRE all the time! Rogan was doing one of his "is it possible" kind of devils advocate arguements, saying that it's very possible he could have been, which everyone already knew. Doesn't mean he did or didn't only that there would have been nothing wrong with him doing so in pride.

Do you guys think Fedor is coming back because of the new testings in mma ? Phone Post 3.0

I had no issues with Joe's previous comments, which were just idle speculation as Shmigly noted. Given the seeming prevalence of PEDs in pride, it was worth discussing.

This is the first Ive heard that co promotion is a non issue, which is good news, as it was a definitive deal breaker. It will be interesting to see what Fedor is looking for in a deal, and if he would accept a multi fight deal tying him up for a time with the UFC (as they would almost certainly wish to offer).

The UFC will low-ball the shit out of them. He is older and slower, not worth anything near what he used to be. Could he have some late career magic like Andre? possible, but not likely.
I think it would be better for Fedor's image if he just gracefully retires instead of losing his last several fights.

Wolf tickets Phone Post 3.0

Fedor isn't signing to UFC. He would've already but there's already a bad taste in their mouth, as well as Scott Coker has good relations with Fedor already.


I see this as leverage to up the offer so Bellator can match.  I'm 90% sure Fedor doesn't sign with UFC.

When Fedor fights for the UFC it will be in New York with Ben Askren in the co-main event. Carlos Newton will be ringside physician and Frank Shamrock will do commentary. Phone Post 3.0

They are just playing both sides. I think he will sign with the UFC but thy want a better deal than the UFC wants to give at the moment.

I cant see how Bellator can compete with PPV points and multiple compelling match-ups.

I just hope Fedor still has some real fight left in him. He's 38. Heavy weights seem to have a different shelf life but still. It's hard to know until we see him in there. Phone Post 3.0

I think UFC only wants him at this point to kill the image that he's the GOAT HW and bank on him losing fights to the top guys. Phone Post 3.0

Meh, bit late in the day, the buzz has kinda been knocked and arm barred out of him. Still would like to see him in the UFC but don't think it will end well.

Fedor is done, he should stay retired. He's only going to tarnish his legacy even further. Phone Post 3.0