Managers Cut?

What % do most Managers make of their fighters. ( purse/endorsements) I know the legal limit is 33.5 percent. I am assuming the Monte Cox's are around there. What is the average? Thanks!

thanks Dojosensi. Those are still pretty big ranges, anyone have anything more specific?

It depends on the quality of your manager. The better he is the bigger of a cut. Example : Titos manager after Dana White made 19.5% I think, but I'm not sure.

The Good Rev gave you a pretty accurate range.  Your question is similar to "I'm going to the grocery store, how much is food"?

It really depends on what you're getting.  If they are only managing you, most are around 20%.  I don't agree with the whole you get what you pay for.  I've seen great agents charge 10%, I've seen horseshit managers charge 30%.  The "better he is the bigger of a cut" statement is completely false.

10% of fight purse is what I charge. I don't take a cut of sponsorship money. Of course I'm just in this for fun, not to make a living.

Currently I take 10% of my fighters purse. I also train some of my fighters full time and market them. I also have fighters where I strictly manage. I was told that 10% is pretty low. I do this to promote my fighters and build the sport. If I did it for money, I would feel 10% is working for free. Just curious as to what others are charging or paying. Thank you for the responses.