managing multiple poker accounts?

How do you manage multiple poker accounts? I have accounts in pokerstarz and ftp. Do you PROS switch after losing? Do you only play on specific days? Etc.


I have accounts on a ton of sites but play almost strictly on Pokerstars. When I was playing for a living I would play wherever the good game was. If you are playing low stakes ring games it really doesn't matter where you play, the game is pretty much the same anywhere you go. If you play tourneys then playing on multiple sites can give you more options as far as what tourney's are available at that time.

FTR, you can play more than one site at a time, you don't have to have some weird pointless schedule about days you play on a certain site. I tend to stick to Pokerstars as I am a mixed games guy and there is no Triple Draw on FTP.

In the end it really comes down to game selection. Play where you can find the softest game or in my case, any game at all.

Play on whatever site has the softest games.

They are all linked to my Moneybookers account, which I then just wire transfer to my USD bank account.

Nice and almost painless.

Re: specific days, I play Stars on Sundays because theres so many tournaments.

Oh and Fridays nights traditionally have had the most action. Best time to play.

Pretty much the nights where people are going to be drinking are great to play. Staying up around 4 or 5 in the morning can have it's benefits as players will stay up late to chase back their losses.


How does Moneybookers compare to how Neteller used to be? I haven't really liked the alternatives ever since Neteller stopped allowing poker transactions.

I loved Neteller and was annoyed when it got shut down for poker.

Moneybookers is exactly the same though. If you liked NT get on MB

PR - Which sites accept Moneybookers? I noticed Stars and FTP don't have it listed as an option

Pikes, they both do, not sure why you cant find it?

 moneybookers not available to USA players?

oh ya that might be it