Mancino f__ked us over...

Mancino service sucks ass. They fucked us over and Rodrigo Gracie as well. We tried to deal with them for 2 months. We didn't even go else where because of their relationship with Renzo.(I have a Renzo affiliate)

We gave them our drawings and just said give us a price. They never called back. They did not return phone calls either. They were horrible communicating and act as if you are bothering them if you call them.

We were supposed to move into a new facility. We were just waiting for Mancino to get back to us with a delivery date for the mats. Well that call never came and Rebecca does not return phone calls. After holding us hostage for 2 months we are now taking new bids for mats.

We dealt with Rebecca Mancino and had a horrible experience.


good to know which companies do stuff like this...

Then ,They can suck a cock

I got fucked by Mancino's too!

I ordered pepperoni with double mushrooms, and I got only single mushrooms but had too pay for extra 3 toppings.

bad news sorry

sounds like a call to swain is due


John, Tiffin's factory is in Cecil county. You could rent a Ryder truck & save a ton on shipping costs if you got their mats.

MDSUB is correct. I have done this and they even took me on a tour of their facility. They will work with you and their mats are of the highest quality.

Save some money, go through


check out they have the best mat at the best prices!

in the top 10 of my list of people I would not want to piss off: john rallo.


i just ordered two mats.

regular mats, no special design/order.

i better not get fuct.

she was cool w/ me and told me they were sent out.

maybe it's the special orders......
sorry bro.

dang groundcontrol--good luck to you finding honest people to help set up a business.



Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Mancino.

I have done business with them for years with no problems in the past. Hope my next order doesnt get screwed up...I will be sure to keep an eye on their service methods for sure.

Damn..bad service and they were rude? lol, there are plenty of other companies

Joe Cunliffe, does this answer your question?? LOL. Now you know what i meant. jason reinhardt

Groundcontrol, I hear you bro. I had the same experience but i finally got my foam and tarp. When you do call them, they make you feel like your bothering them big time. I finally told them how i felt and they changed a little bit. I ended up spending a lot of money with them! they said something about they have orders of $350,OOO per order.

lol yeah right