Mandrake root?

When did Mandrake Root become such a great thing to put in video games? I've seen it as an enemy in Castlevania for DS, PoPoLoCrois, it's an herbal ingredient in Oblivion, and I saw some dangerous screaming mandrake roots in a Harry Potter movie so they're probably in the Harry Potter video games too.

I think I saw them in another recent game too, maybe something on the Gamecube that I didn't play much.

Is there a secret conspiracy to make this lame root popular? The Japanese Mandrake Council is paying game developers to promote their plants?

I'd rather fight Fiery Flying Skulls, Gelatinous Cubes, or some kind of monster that's half ape and half snake with chicken legs.

you're telling me you don't have mandrake root every morning? freak!

Mandrake roots are second only to xycience in extreme-ness.

Mandrake Root's earliest appearance was in Ultima 4, I think.

Ultima IV, Quest of the Avatar?

I played that on the Nintendo, and I don't remember stabbing any overgbrown turnips

Mandrake also appears in the original pay per play MUD Avalon, which was released in 1989 and is still going strong today. Is a poison that puts the victim to sleep

Mandrake root was ingredient in spells in Ultima IV

Kage is correct. You had to pick it from a swamp near Minoc, you couldn't buy it in the store (cept Buccaneer's Cove, maybe). I know that game intuitively, it's kinda scary... My dad bought it when I was like 2 and played it for hours with me hanging on his shoulder.

All I remember is stupidly rumbling around the swamps, prob near Minoc in Ultima 7, picking that shit up. It was like FUCK YEAH! MANDRAKE ROOT!

Thing was I never got to actually use it in a spell, dont think i used ANY spell in that game. Wish I was like 5 years older when I played that game.

One spot of swamp near minoc at certain time of mooncycle. Nightshade was also pain in the ass to get first time. But it was easily picked to max amount once you found it.

Kings Quest 3 had it. 1986.