Mangini = Real Coach of the Year

He took a horrible Jets team with no rb and a qb without an arm to the playoffs all without buying the best QB in free agency (brees) or drafting the "next coming of barry sanders" (bush) ETC. Sean Payton did a great job but Mangini did a GREATER job IMHO.

MANGINI was fucking robbed!!!

and Payton did it in a terrible fucking conference beating up on shitcan teams

ok. Both deserve it. Peyton brought back a franchise man. A franchise that was in the gutter. 3-13 last year back to first rd bye in the playoffs.

Somebody has to win

well whatever, someone has to win it. One group of fans are bound to be dissapointed IMo

It could have gone either way, but I feel that Payton deserved it more. People must have forgotten that Brees came back from surgery as well, not to mention that I have heard people say that Brees has no arm also.

We had Deuce coming back from ACL surgery also. A roster of 27 new players, finding a gem in the last round of the draft. And a D that was supposed to be crap. Taking players like Fujita, Shanle and Simoneau. Getting rid of Stallworth. He did one great job.

Every poll in the preseason had us dead last, especially coming off of the shitty season we went through last year. And what happens? We win the division and get a first round bye.

Now, don't get me wrong, Mangini did a hell of a job, I will not deny it, but I think the right man got it this year.

We might beat up shitcan teams, but we didn't play Oakland, Miami, Detroit, Minnesota, Houston. What do we call those types of teams??

so what

no way! there schedule sucked. new orleans coach deserved it.

I agree about Mangini, but a solid case can be made for either guy. Can't
really put up too much of a stink, imo.