manhattan bjj academies?

i am going to be visiting new your in late june. which academies would you recommend that are in manahattan? thanks

Renzo Gracie and Marcelo Garcia.

studio x = garcia

Studio X:
Fabio Clemente, Marcelo Garcia, Babs, Josh.

Marcos Santos at Blitz Center.  Tell him you were referred by Mauricio Sakata.  

Ronin Athletics
Christian is awesome!

There's some okay schools.  Try Renzo Gracie's or Marcelo Garcia's, they're both pretty good instructors/competitors (!?!?!?!)

Studio X. Good teachers and good training. I have gone twice this year and enjoyed it very much.

Are you implying that Renzo's and Marcelo's are just "okay" schools?

how does the "first class free" work at studio X? can I just walk in at any given class and roll a whole class for free?

1st class free is for New York residents. I.E. people who may sign up long term.

okay so does that mean there is no way for visitors (foreigners) to join one of the classes?

Alley, I was being sarcastic.

Nicolas, visitors can sign up but may not get a free first class if they aren't joining long term.  Visitors are always welcome.

ok so I'll have to pay for one class since that's probably all I'll be doing. any idea how much that would be? studio x's website is not very informing.

No idea but for one class it shouldn't be bad.  I used to be up at Renzo's but now I'm with an affiliate so I don't have any clue how much it is anymore.

But it's a great place to train.

yeah a friend of mine rolled one class at renzo's last month and he paid $35

The question is, what is the most affordable academy in Manhattan / NYC?

ttt for most affordable academy in manhattan :-)

You can't beat Studio X for its class to price ratio. Its 180 a month, which is expensive but not insane considering the city. They have classes every day, and your free to come to everyone of them, regardless of rank. The warmups alone will kill you, seriously you do some incredible stuff. The way your brought in with everyone, regardless of rank is really very nice, and makes for a great feeling in the school. Not to mention your being taught by Fabio Clemente and Marcelo Garcia.

I've tried a few different schools, but I liked X the most. Definitely consider it.

Marcos Santos' brother teaches a class downtown somewhere a few times a week. I remember reading that the fee is relatively cheap. One of the guys from my Judo club also trains there and he likes it a lot.