Manhoef K1 fight vid

enjoy bitches

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I wish his fight with Belfort would have happened.


vitor didn't want that on his record... he would have put up a fight but the loss to a lesser known wouldn't have been the right move for his career... specially someone spanking him at his own game. vitor would have taken him down as soon as he could.


Melvin is an animal, and he learns so fast the world better watch out for him in MMA, he is already a monster in Muay Thai

What is his weight? He looks like a 170lbr.

WOW!!!! Thanks for that!!

Thats pure dutch Muay THai. Look how he works the WHOLE body up and down in one combination.

"Dutch Muay Thai = Japanese Muay Thai"

I disagree. It was clearly evident in this fight too. Dutch Mauy Thai uses combos and mixes it up like non other.

This dude is the real deal.


melvin looked tremendous in that fight. I hope we get the chance to fight him this year. Melvin is a perfect case for the k-1 opening up a cruiserweight division. Same ko rate as the heavies only more athletic fighters in the mix. He is a good picture of the dutch philosphy on kickboxing.