Manhoef vs Bonjasky / Overeem fights 2morrow...

K-1 World Grand Prix is tomorrow w/ the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Alistair Overeem vs Peter Aerts: ALISTAIR by decision

Remy Bonjasky vs Melvin Manhoef: BONJASKY by TKO

Jerome LeBanner vs Musashi: LEBANNER by TKO

Semmy Schilt vs Daniel Ghita: SCHILT by KO

Badr Hari vs Zabit Samedov: HARI by KO

Glaube Feitosa vs Errol Zimmerman: FEITOSA by decision

i am with u all the way till the last 2 fights...dont know any of those guys tho

but shilt, lebanner, bonjansky and overeem once again ...are my picks tho :)


Where is this taking place? That is an awesome show.

I like all of your picks except for Overeem, although he has looked pretty damn good lately and Aerts is old.

I can see Aerts taking a decision on this one by ust fighting smart.

Is this on HDnet? Badr Hari is a bad man.